Aldersgate Park - Marysville, Ohio

Aldersgate Park, located in Marysville Ohio, was founded in 1998 and is comprised of approximately 14 acres.  There are 2 ponds, 2 separate playground areas, an elaborate treehouse basketball courts as well as a picnic area and wooded trails.   Located in between Memorial Gables Nursing Home & Rehabilitation and  the Green Pastures neighbor, located in East Marysville.   At one point in its history, Aldersgate Park was slated to be connected to a series of hiking/bike trails known as The Greenway Trails, though the current status of that project remains unknown.  If you’d like to know more about homes located in the area of Aldersgate Park Greg Watson is always glad to assist!

Aldersgate Park

Aldersgate Park Gazebo

Aldersgate Park Fishing Pond Marysville

Aldersgate Park Review - Marysville Ohio