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Our goal is to provide you with a taste of what Union County Ohio has to offer!  Whether you're a current resident or looking to make the move to Union County, there's no shortage of things to do in this growing part of Ohio!  

Marysville is the county seat of Union County and often a center for activities and events within the area.  We're here to help you explore the possibilities and look forward to answering your questions.  

March 16, 2023

Dams In Ohio!

Did you know that there are hundreds of dams located in Ohio?  Most of Ohio's dams are located on private property!  Contrary to popular belief, many dams do not have the classic "waterfall" feature and may not be located near a widely known stream or river.  For example, in Union County where I live, the Marysville Upground Reservoir is considered a type of earthfill damn structure.  


By utilizing Ohio's Dam Locator webpage I was able to determine that there are 3 dams within less than 3 miles of my own home!  I was surprised to learn this and even more surprised to learn that Ohio dams (or component of a dam) have strict inspection requirements that you need to be aware of if one is located on a property that you intend to sell or purchase.  A dam with deferred maintenance issues could be very costly to repair and/or remove. All of Ohio's dams fall under the supervision of the ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) - Division of Water Resources and they have some outstanding online resources if you'd like to know more about identifying or maintaining a dam. 


If there are any questions you have about a dam and how the existence of one on a property may impact you, I'm happy to answer questions to keep you out of hot water on your next real estate transaction. 

Feb. 3, 2023

Ohio Property Taxes

Are you paying too much in Ohio property taxes?  If so, there may be a solution!  You may be able to have your real estate taxes reduced through a formal appeal process. The appeal process for everyone in Ohio begins at the county level.  There are also specific procedures to follow if the properties you own are titled in your personal name vs a business name or trust.  The Ohio deadline  to submit your appeal is March 31st. While the deadlines are set by the State of Ohio, the tax appeals start and need to be submitted through your county. The county auditor for where I live (Union County) has an excellent FAQ page where you can learn about standard procedures, etc.  


Before you rush into an appeal hearing you will most certainly want to weigh all factors prior.  Without a doubt there will be costs associated with any hearing.  The most obvious cost is your personal time.  Beyond your time, you will want to consult with real estate professionals ahead of filing.  This may include consulting with a real estate agent, appraiser, attorney, etc.  So before you spend a bunch of money appealing your county property valuation you may want to conclude if that endeavor will make financial sense.  


Should you ever have questions about your property's value you can always start off by giving me a call!  I'm happy to help provide you with the appropriate real estate advice. 




Feel free to call anytime with your questions - I'm glad to help!

April 2, 2021

Acreage - What's Up?

Lately I've been getting a lot of inquiries from home buyers who area very interested in purchasing homes that offer space or outright rural living.  The real estate world is ever-changing and there's definitely a lot more home buyers on the hunt for that extra acreage.  If you're in the market for a home in a rural area you can always stop by the page and check out what's available on easily searchable page.  Take a spin and see for yourself what properties are available for sale in Union County with Over 5 Acres.  

March 25, 2021

Aldersgate Park

Aldersgate Park - Marysville, Ohio

Aldersgate Park, located in Marysville Ohio, was founded in 1998 and is comprised of approximately 14 acres.  There are 2 ponds, 2 separate playground areas, an elaborate treehouse basketball courts as well as a picnic area and wooded trails.   Located in between Memorial Gables Nursing Home & Rehabilitation and  the Green Pastures neighbor, located in East Marysville.   At one point in its history, Aldersgate Park was slated to be connected to a series of hiking/bike trails known as The Greenway Trails, though the current status of that project remains unknown.  If you’d like to know more about homes located in the area of Aldersgate Park Greg Watson is always glad to assist!

Aldersgate Park

Aldersgate Park Gazebo

Aldersgate Park Fishing Pond Marysville

Aldersgate Park Review - Marysville Ohio

March 24, 2021

Market March Madness!


Market March Madness!

2020 was a wild year in real estate but 2021 said, "hold my beer."  At the time of this video there were less than 1000 single family homes for sale in the entire Central Ohio area!  There were only 33 available for sale in the Union County area!  If you have questions about the Central Ohio market or would like to view homes for sale in Union County, Greg Watson is glad to help!  You can peruse the available listings online or contact Greg anytime.


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March 18, 2021

Eljer Park - Marysville Ohio

Eljer Park, located in Marysville Ohio, was named after and was the original site of the Eljer Plumbingware manufacturing facility from 1915-1987.  Brass plumbing hardware were manufactured at this site and the factory was a major employer (approximately 300 employees) in Marysville Ohio until its closure in 1987.  

In 1993 the Ohio EPA declared the Eljer site a hazard and mandated that Eljer submit to a closure plan to remedy the issue of discarded foundry sand containing contaminants.   

After negotiations and cleanup were completed the former Eljer manufacturing site was rededicated as Eljer Park by the City of Marysville in 1999.  It now stands as a fantastic 22 acre recreation area that includes a skate park, soccer fields, baseball diamonds (batting cage), walking paths, tennis courts, basketball courts and much more!  

To find out about housing opportunities in Marysville near Eljer Park you can peruse our site or contact Greg Watson anytime.

Feb. 2, 2021

Sledding at the Marysville Upground Reservoir

Perhaps the most fun one can have in the Union County area on a snow day; sledding at the Marysville Upground Reservoir!  

This February we had the opportunity to enjoy the recreational experience of sledding at the reservoir.  The outing was the very first for my kids on a big hill and they had a great time!  Overall we couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere.  There was fresh snow, the parking lot was cleared for residents to easily maneuver and the crowd at the reservoir was respectful and fun.  If you or anyone else have questions about amenities or housing in the Union County area I welcome the opportunity to provide answers.  Thanks for checking out our page and videos! 



March 4, 2020

Corona Virus and Mortgage Rates

Recently the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to stave off any economic downturn that may be caused by the Corona Virus outbreak.  This move by the Federal Reserve is good for home buyers and sellers because it makes it more affordable to obtain a mortgage.  

One of the best parts about the low mortgage interest rates for existing home owners is that it's providing owners the ability to refinance to a lower rate and save cash by reducing their monthly payments!  

There are some excellent options available in the Central Ohio market right now for refinancing but it's important to know that not all lenders are created equal.  Some lenders charge higher fees and have higher interest rates than others.  It's also important to know the value of your home and what exactly you hope to achieve before you embark on the refinancing process.  

If you're considering a sale, purchase or refinance feel free to reach out anytime and I'll be happy to answer your questions and get your headed in the right direction!

Aug. 11, 2019

When Appraisals Fall Short

When Appraisals Fall Short

Often times when a buyer enters into an agreement to purchase real estate a mortgage needs to be obtained by that buyer in order to purchase the subject property.  It's a typical part of the mortgage approval process for an appraisal to be conducted prior to finalizing a sale so that the lender can be assured that the subject property meets the value required by the terms of the mortgage.  In a competitive real estate market buyers may agree to a price that does not match what an independent appraiser deems to be a Fair Market Value.  If the Fair Market Value of the subject property is determined to be less than the agreed upon purchase price this is what's commonly called a Short Appraisal.  

If a Short Appraisal issue arises during the course of your transaction a lot of different things could occur (not all of them good).  If you're buying real estate in a competitive market you'll want to consult your agent and determine what course is best for you given the circumstances.  

July 22, 2019

Land Loans & New Builds

Land Loans & New Builds

Did you know that it's possible to keep cash in your own pocket by financing your land purchase as well as the building of a new home?  There are conventional loan products available in today's real estate market that will allow buyers to purchase both their land and then build their new home - keeping your down payment low and more money in your pocket!  Like anything else there are some details to be sure to cover but this is a fantastic option for home buyers in a low-inventory market.  One such lender, Home Savings Bank, offers a loan product that only requires one closing for the land and the new home.