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March 16, 2023

Dams In Ohio!

Did you know that there are hundreds of dams located in Ohio?  Most of Ohio's dams are located on private property!  Contrary to popular belief, many dams do not have the classic "waterfall" feature and may not be located near a widely known stream or river.  ...

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Feb. 3, 2023

Ohio Property Taxes

Are you paying too much in Ohio property taxes?  If so, there may be a solution!  You may be able to have your real estate taxes reduced through a formal appeal process. The appeal process for everyone in Ohio begins at the county level.  There are also ...

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July 12, 2019

Nanny Cams and Real Estate Showings

Is recording a real estate showing illegal?

As monitored video security systems have become more affordable, more and more home owners have taken advantage and purchased these high-tech surveillance systems in an attempt to monitor their homes.  What many home owners don't know is that if you're ...

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