Did you know that there are hundreds of dams located in Ohio?  Most of Ohio's dams are located on private property!  Contrary to popular belief, many dams do not have the classic "waterfall" feature and may not be located near a widely known stream or river.  For example, in Union County where I live, the Marysville Upground Reservoir is considered a type of earthfill damn structure.  


By utilizing Ohio's Dam Locator webpage I was able to determine that there are 3 dams within less than 3 miles of my own home!  I was surprised to learn this and even more surprised to learn that Ohio dams (or component of a dam) have strict inspection requirements that you need to be aware of if one is located on a property that you intend to sell or purchase.  A dam with deferred maintenance issues could be very costly to repair and/or remove. All of Ohio's dams fall under the supervision of the ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) - Division of Water Resources and they have some outstanding online resources if you'd like to know more about identifying or maintaining a dam. 


If there are any questions you have about a dam and how the existence of one on a property may impact you, I'm happy to answer questions to keep you out of hot water on your next real estate transaction.