Eljer Park, located in Marysville Ohio, was named after and was the original site of the Eljer Plumbingware manufacturing facility from 1915-1987.  Brass plumbing hardware were manufactured at this site and the factory was a major employer (approximately 300 employees) in Marysville Ohio until its closure in 1987.  

In 1993 the Ohio EPA declared the Eljer site a hazard and mandated that Eljer submit to a closure plan to remedy the issue of discarded foundry sand containing contaminants.   

After negotiations and cleanup were completed the former Eljer manufacturing site was rededicated as Eljer Park by the City of Marysville in 1999.  It now stands as a fantastic 22 acre recreation area that includes a skate park, soccer fields, baseball diamonds (batting cage), walking paths, tennis courts, basketball courts and much more!  

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