Is recording a real estate showing illegal?

As monitored video security systems have become more affordable, more and more home owners have taken advantage and purchased these high-tech surveillance systems in an attempt to monitor their homes.  What many home owners don't know is that if you're recording conversations without the consent of one of the parties being recorded then you could be breaking Ohio law. 

Audio recordings have stricter requirements.  Under Ohio law, in order to make a legal audio recording, at least one person being recorded must consent to being recorded.  For a seller to use surveillance equipment to audio record conversations during a showing of their property, one of the individuals at the showing would have to consent to the recording.  For a typical showing this would be either the buyer or the buyer's agent.  For the seller, merely knowing about the audio recording would not be sufficient since the seller isn't typically present during showings, and therefore would is not party to the recorded conversation.  Violations of the above provisions are considered a 4th degree felony under Ohio law.  

Be very careful when using your surveillance equipment during the course of any real estate showings and consult your Realtor for guidance.